Gluten Free/Celiac Information

Recommended Gluten Free Products
DeBoles Corn Pasta
Julie’s Ice Cream Sandwiches– lemon or vanilla ice cream
King Arthur Flour Certified Gluten Free– gluten free flours, bread & dessert mixes
Pamela’s Products -gluten free flours, pancake/waffle mixes
Tinkyada Rice Pasta
Udi’s Gluten Free -gluten free breads, frozen pizza crusts, muffins and more
Vermont Gluten Free – gluten free cookies and cakes

Favorite Gluten Free Restaurants/Shops/Grocery Stores
CoolHaus Ice Cream Truck (NYC)
Flatbreads (Portsmouth and other cities, NH)
Lili’s 57 (Midtown West, NYC)
Nizza (Midtown West, NYC)
Pala Pizza (Lower East Side, NYC)
Risotteria (West Village, NYC)

**Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s also carry a wide selection of gluten free products**

Specialty Stores
Despaña Fine Foods and Tapas (NYC)
NY Cake and Baking Distr (NYC)


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