An Attempt at Easter Egg Cookies

Tonight, I am a sad baker.

As Easter rapidly approached this week, I was filled with eagerness at the thought of baking cookies to bring to my best friend’s family’s house. I found a lovely little picture of slice and bake chick cookies, which I intended to replicate from scratch, and made the dough (in two colors) a day ahead. Tonight was going to be my night to slice, bake and decorate.

At 4:45pm I made it to my kitchen to begin. As I rolled out the dough and combined the two colors to shape, I realized that this wasn’t going to work. Quickly, my mom and and I dyed the rest of the dough other colors and began to braid them. Our plan was to roll out the dough, with the colors all mixed in together, and then cut them out in the shape of easter eggs.

That was the plan.

After a short dinner break we got back to baking. I tasted the first batch and discovered, ick, these cookies had no taste at all! What a bummer! But, as all great bakers know, the creative process is mostly trial and error. Even a fool-proof, tried and true recipe is prone to some mess-ups here and again. And, like all great bakers do, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off (literally) and try again.

So tomorrow morning, before work, I will get up and make a new batch of cookies, determined as ever to bring a giant tray to my best friend’s house.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday weekend,


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