Take Two: CHOCOLATE Peppermint Irish Cream Sandwich Cookies

Last year for St Patty’s day, I posted this recipe for Peppermint Irish Cream Sandwich Cookies. They were such a big hit, that I thought I’d do a slight variation on them, making them look like a real Peppermint Patty.

Now, I wont tell a lie…the cookies in these pictures are NOT gluten free, because I was making them for work, but if you want to make them gluten free I recommend visiting Elizabeth Barbone’s blog or her book, Easy Gluten Free Baking. Her chocolate cookies are amazing!! (If you want the actual recipe I used, visit Brown Eyed Baker, also a delicious, though sadly not gluten free, site)

After making and matching the cookies for size, I filled them with my Creme de Menthe flavored frosting (see blog post for recipe) and dipped them in melting chocolate, which you can purchase at any baking goods or crafts store. The cookies were then placed on wax paper and refrigerated overnight.

I hope my work buddies like them!

One Year Ago– Gluten Free Irish Soda Bread

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