Sushi Cake!

My sister is a sushi fiend. She adores it, and is quite adventurous when it comes to trying different types. So, for her birthday this year, my mom and I thought it fitting to make her a cake that encompassed her love of sushi. We even went a step further and planned a surprise party for her that included some of her close friends! It was pretty fun, if I do say so myself.

We prepped ahead by baking and freezing the cakes a few days before the party, and then took them out to defrost a couple of nights before. The day before the party we made our frosting and built and covered the cake with black fondant. (It was super heavy!)

The best part was making the “sushi”, the “wasabi and ginger” and the little bowl for soy sauce, which we filled with chocolate syrup. We were particularly inspired by re-shaping different candies and pieces of cake to look like the real thing. Everyone got their own plate of sushi with chopsticks!

Half-donette, swedish fish and fruit leather

Fondant wrapped marshmallow, white icing and sprinkles and swedish fish

Fruit leather wrapped twinkie with beige frosting, white sprinkles and orange sugar

Green ‘leaves’ made out of spearmint candy

Ginger/Wasabi/Bowl made out of fondant!

Did I mention the cake was gluten free? Yum! It took us a week to eat…

Happy Birthday, sis!



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