NYTimes and the Gluten Free World

A few days ago, the New York Times posted a fascinating article about the growth of ‘Gluten Free America’. The article raised the question as to whether or not gluten free is becoming a ‘fad diet’; not for those who actually suffer from the allergy, but for those subscribing to the lifestyle because they believe it will make them healthier.

Additionally, interesting points were raised about how awareness of celiac disease is affecting major corporations and their efforts to develop gluten free products. The article suggests that as companies seek methods of tapping into this currently profitable ‘market’, greater attention should be paid to the validity of brands that advertise themselves as gluten free. Though there is a widespread amount of knowledge on the subject, cross-contamination is still an issue which not all manufacturers may be completely aware of yet, or able to fully accommodate. That said, you should always make sure to do your research and read all labels before buying and trying gluten free products.

With any luck, the importance of gluten free living (for the sake of those with the allergy) will become more prevalent in our society, and we will be able to regularly find decent gluten-free products that resemble those we once ate when gluten was not a problem.

For now, I encourage you all to read the article here and share your thoughts:

Is living gluten free becoming a fad? Is it a viable ‘diet’ option for those without the allergy? And how do you feel about companies looking to get involved in the gluten free market? What would you say to them if you could?

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One response to “NYTimes and the Gluten Free World

  1. I too have heard this ‘gluten free is a fad’ First I am okay with the whole thing, because it does seem to be bringing more GF food into the markets! I wrote a cookbook and this hopefully will bring customers too ;).
    We have been gluten free for Celiac reasons for years and now 3 generations are involved in eating gluten free. I personally think it is becoming more prevalent because more are inheriting, AND the ‘man handling’ of wheat has occurred. Check out my blog deletewheat.com. Right now I am going to count this a blessing.

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