A Day of Pie Making in New Hampshire!

This past weekend I spent a few days in Boston and coastal New Hampshire visiting my college friends and their families. As it had been well over a year since I’d last seen them, I was thrilled when my friend Jenn’s birthday rolled around and gave me the opportunity to make the trip up there. I spent Friday night in Boston with some wonderful ladies and hopped a train to New Hampshire on Saturday morning, where I met up with Jenn and stayed with her lovely family.

I loved the New Hampshire way of life. At first, living there was a major culture shock for me. No subway, no hustle and bustle, no Starbucks. It took me a while to get used it it and even though the experience taught me that I’m definitely a city girl, I still relish the chances I have to visit and spend a few days relaxing in fresh air.

One of my favorite things about Jenn’s family is their pie-making tradition. Twice a year, before Thanksgiving and Christmas, her mom and aunt make about thirty pies for friends and family. A few years ago I took part in the pie-making tradition and had so much fun making these from-scratch pies and learning about their family. They tell the best stories and value giving out homemade gifts for the holiday…just like I do!

This year I got to be a part of their pie day once again. And I actually learned how to pinch a crust! Take a look at the day:

We began with pumpkin puree, made from scratch using Aunt Susan’s homegrown pumpkins.

And blended with spices and milk using their old-fashioned mixer (How much do you want one of those?? I totally do!)

Jenn made the sweet potato pies. Look how happy she is!

Jenn’s Aunt Susan made, rolled out and pinched the pie crusts–check out that technique!

Beautiful pie crusts.

Then Aunt Susan taught me how to do it myself…

OK for my first time right?

My finished pie! What do you think?!

Meanwhile, Jenn’s mom peeled, cored and cut apples, which they picked themselves. (For those curious, they like to use Baldwin apples.)

(Almost) all the pies!! Phew, I’m exhausted…

What are your family cooking traditions for the holidays? Jenn’s family makes pie; my family does cookies and sweet breads. Does your family make their own stuffing for Thanksgiving? Mine is obsessed with Ritz Cracker Stuffing, yum! Share your thoughts in the comments below, I love hearing your stories!

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