A Time for Apples!

Over the weekend, I went apple picking with my family. It was wonderful. I loved walking around the farm and getting lost in the maze of apples.

I didn’t check my email once.

And I had a blast.

Even if they were out of Honey Crisp apples.

We also explored the other parts of the farm and picked broccoli and cabbage. (Fun fact: Broccoli is my favorite vegetable.)

And we musn’t forget the pumpkin patch! I got a sugar pumpkin to make this recipe tomorrow.

Sadly, my camera died whilst on this little trip and refused to take anything but blurry photos from that point on. (See below) RIP, Sony DSC-T20.

So I bit the bullet and bought a fancy new one. Hello, Mr. Nikon P300!

You take pretty photos.

Especially with zoom.

I can’t wait to get cooking! For those of you contemplating the best time to visit the Northeast, this season would be it. Beautiful weather, breathtaking foliage, delicious food. It’s a different kind of relaxing. Ah fall, how I love thee.

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