A look back on the summer of 2011…

Happy fall! I hope everyone had a good summer!

For me this was a summer to regroup, recharge and take care of things that are important to me, like my family and my career. After my trip to Puerto Rico in early July, my summer kicked into high gear. I found myself working 12-14 hour days and, in my downtime, helping my parents with various projects around their house. Luckily, I got to take a few mini-vacations…

Labor Day Weekend on the Jersey Shore…

In some ways, this summer had moments of quiet. I read a lot, taught myself how to edit movies on iMovie and even learned how to garden. (My tomato plant died though, so I must not be ready for my greenthumb yet.)

Although my “summer of priorities” unfortunately didn’t allow me much time to cook on my own, I gleaned many important lessons in food while working on a new cooking series based in the city (more on that another time.) I tasted new ingredients, explored hidden green markets and nibbled on leftover goodies in the production kitchen.

Fresh berries from a local greenmarket

It’s funny how a summer that was so filled with activity didn’t seem like a “vacation” while it was going on, but in the end was truly the kind of summer I needed. Of course I would have much preferred an entire summer on the beach in Puerto Rico (who wouldn’t have?), but having the time to refocus was the best gift I could have been given.

And now the blog is back, ready to take on fall and the last few months of 2011. Can you believe the year is almost over? Time is just flying by! Stay tuned for some fall recipes and holiday ideas…coming to a gluten free blog near you!

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