A Father’s Day Citi Field Cake (Part II)

Happy Father’s Day!

As promised, I am presenting you with the second (and most exciting!) part of my dad’s Father’s Day Citi Field Cake–the decorating! Enjoy!

Before piping the green icing, I needed to make sure that the areas that needed to stay tan were kept clean. I did this by cutting out the necessary “tan” shapes on parchment paper (accurately sized to the iced cake) and laying them flat on the cake where I needed them. For this specific cake I needed a large tan portion on the bottom with a diamond-shaped hole for the infield. (See below)

Next, I piped green ‘grass’ icing using Wilton tip 233.

For the inside of the diamond I used a combination of tips 12 and 4, making sure to smooth the icing out when I was done piping. If the parchment gets messy doing this, it’s just fine—it’s there to protect the tan icing!

After removing the parchment paper I piped a small dot of tan icing (using tip 12) for the pitcher’s mound and, using tip 4 and white icing, made the bases and foul lines.

And now, the finished cake! The “doors” on the sides of the cake were made using a cement colored icing (a combination of red and blue food coloring and leftover tan frosting) and tip number 4. The Citi Field logo was also piped using tip number 4. Lastly, I made the “Home Run Apple” using a red gumball and black-colored marzipan. (This I did at home using a small amount of black food coloring.)

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  1. wow, emily – this is awesome! your dad must have have been blown away by this cake… hope you all enjoyed celebrating Father’s Day together! =)

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