A Question About Blog Business Cards!

As I prepare to go to TechMunch NYC ’11 in a few weeks, I can’t help but think I could finally use some business cards to spread the word about my blog. “(Mainly) Gluten Free in NYC” isn’t exactly the hardest blog title to remember, but with dozens of other eager bloggers at one event I wouldn’t be surprised if I forgot what my own site was called too!

I’ve made dozens of business cards before, but when it comes to BLOG business cards, I find myself scratching my head. Since my career is separate from my blogging life, I wonder if they should include my professional info, or just my name and a link to my blog? Should I create a fancy title for myself like “Owner, (Mainly) Gluten Free in NYC”, “Blogger Extraordinaire” or “Girl Who Incessantly Takes Pictures of Her Food While It Gets Cold”? (I personally like the last one, but realize it might be hard to get on one card, let alone one line!)

So I take my question to the public and the best people to answer my question: my fellow Bloggers! If you’ve made blog business cards before, do you have any helpful hints to share with the rest of us? Does anyone else have burning questions about how to spread the word about your blog? I’d love to get a discussion going on this, so please comment away! (Or, if you prefer, you can email me directly with your thoughts at mainlyglutenfreeinnyc [at] gmail [.] com)

Thanks in advance! I look forward to your responses!

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One response to “A Question About Blog Business Cards!

  1. I totally love moo.com for business cards. Slightly on the more expensive side but they look and feel great, and you customize them pretty extensively.

    For a site like yours, it might interesting to have the photo, name, and link to a recipe on one side and your contact info on the other.

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