Calling All Gluten Free Foodies!

Dear Gluten Free Friends,

As you’ve noticed, a few new sections have been added to the layout of my blog. The one I’m most excited to bring to you is the “Guide to GF”, currently in its early stages of development. Geared towards people new to their allergy as well as to those wanting to learn more about what being GF means, this section will provide the basic information everyone should know, as well as words of support and encouragement for when it gets tough (as we all know it does sometimes!)

A huge factor in my success as a GFer was discovering the unique community of people (both online and in person) who share my allergy. Everyone involved in this community knows how hard their first days, months and even years were converting to a life without gluten and how important it was to be able to share their thoughts with others in similar positions. It sounds weird, but these days I actually get excited when I meet other GFers because I can relate to them. I have developed a great fondness for this community just because of the way it helps to me keep going. When in need, there’s always a way to stay positive or a story to relate to…even when I really, REALLY just want to eat that darn slice of pizza (or that crepe…see photo from France above)!

I want to continue building that sense of community and support. For this, I need your help! If you have a story you’d like to share about being GF or tips you would like to see appear in this section, please don’t hesitate to email me at All ideas are welcome and I will be happy to include them on the site, with proper credit to all those who contribute.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

With lots of (gluten free) love,


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