Ch-ch-ch-ch (Blog) Changes!

Hi all!

You’re probably wondering why nothing new has come up on this site in over a week and why there have been fewer posts. Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten rid of my kitchen tools and GF flours and decided to throw in the towel on this whole blog thing. To the contrary, I’ve been working out a plan to make (Mainly) Gluten Free in NYC even better! This weekend marks the six month anniversary of the blog and what perfect way to celebrate than with a brand new layout and awesome features!

Soon you will start to see various changes, including:

*a new, clean background
*updated links and recipe lists
*”Print” options for recipes AND
*new tabs at the top, featuring cooking tips and a guide to what it means to be gluten free!

If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see on this blog, by all means leave a comment here or contact me at mainlyglutenfreeinnyc [at] gmail [.] com. If anyone has experience with updating blogs (including creating newsletters!), I’d love to hear from you too. Your opinions matter a great deal to me and to the upkeep of this site, so I hope you will all to continue to subscribe, tell your friends, leave comments, and follow me and my (mainly) gluten free cooking adventures on Twitter!

Also, if you see this site become private for a little while–don’t be alarmed. I’m just working to make sure the finished product is beautiful :)

Best wishes,

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