Got Chocolate? The Chocolate Room Does…

Regular readers of this blog may already know that I have a teeny tiny obsession with chocolate.

Ok, it’s a pretty huge obsession.

So it comes as no surprise that one of my favorite places to eat in New York City is the Chocolate Room. Why do I love the Chocolate Room so? Ah, let me count the ways.

1. The entire restaurant is devoted to chocolate and chocolate only.

2. The store sells t-shirts that say “There’s always room for chocolate” and “Got chocolate?”

3. Limited space requires close seating and, sometimes, in the spirit of this closeness/shared love of chocolate, your neighbors may offer you samples of their chosen desserts (Ok, in truth this *has not* actually happened to me, but hey, a girl’s gotta dream right?)

4. Did I mention everything on the menu is made of chocolate?

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, I love the Chocolate Room because of their incredible tasting desserts, averaging about $7-$9 in price, unless paired with a drink. My favorite by far is the Chocolate Brownie Sundae, topped with ice cream, homemade whip cream, hot fudge and a cherry. (I used to eat this in my gluten days.) Other options include their Banana Split, Black Bottom Butterscotch Custard and the crowd-pleasing Fondue for Two. For extra excitement, eat your dessert at the bar and watch their talent staff make all the desserts by hand! (Sadly, their cakes and brownies do contain gluten.)

Chocolate Room Chocolate Pudding

Vanilla Ice Cream Brownie Sundae

With two locations in Brooklyn, the Chocolate Room is an excellent place to go for a girls’ night out, a romantic post-dinner date or a relaxing evening after work. For more information, be sure to check out You’ll be glad you did.

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