Big Flavor at Chinatown’s Big Wong

About twelve years ago, my mother asked a client of hers where she could get the best roast pork in Chinatown. Instead of simply giving my mother the name of the restaurant (Big Wong), her client decided to bring us a “sample” of their most popular menu items. And when I say “sample”, I really mean two huge yellow bags filled to the brim with roasted meats, sautéed vegetables, and various rice and noodle dishes. We ate the contents of those bags for days and when we were finished, we got on the train and made the trip there ourselves.

Located at 67 Mott St., Big Wong is a no frills, unique New York experience. Not to be confused with Big Wing Wong, also on Mott St., this restaurant boasts a bright yellow and red brick sign on the outside and a spacious restaurant inside. As you eat, you can watch their various selection of meats being roasted in the front section of the restaurant. The staff moves quickly, as does the food, so the best part is never having to wait very long to start eating.

Big Wong’s Famous Roast Pork

I often go to Big Wong for lunch with friends or on my own after shopping in SoHo. Although most of their dishes are not gluten-free, their roast pork is one of my weaknesses. Thinly sliced and cooked to perfection, it nearly melts in your mouth. It’s heaven.

Big Wong’s menu ranges from the traditional fried rice, spring rolls and pan fried noodles to more unusual items, such as beef with bitter melon (I warn you, it’s a bitter melon). Everything is reasonably priced, and the restaurant is a quick walk from the Canal Street train station. If you’re looking for a great eat in New York, you can’t beat Big Wong.

Beef with Bitter Melon

Spring Rolls

**Please note that some of these dishes contain soy sauce, and thus gluten. Always check with your server before ordering if you have a sensitivity to the wheat in soy sauce**

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4 responses to “Big Flavor at Chinatown’s Big Wong

  1. Leany M.

    That roast pork and beef look soooooo good. I’ve been looking at people’s pictures from Big Wong because I’m going to NYC during spring break and am trying to come up with my own little restaurant tour and Big Wong’s is definitely on my list. I saw some pictures on twitter, a lot from this dude who seems to be going on a tour like I will. The food he posted *does* look scrumptious but yours look more appetizing! I can’t wait to go.

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  3. MA

    Is the roast pork gluten free?

    • Emily

      No, it contains soy sauce. Please see note above, this restaurant unfortunately is not certified gluten free so please be mindful when ordering.

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