Anniversary Cake!

As a surprise for my parents’ 30th anniversary yesterday, I decided to make a cake in their honor. Because my sister and I were also planning to cook dinner, I only had about two hours to prepare icing and decorate. I used only one layer of cake to save time, although this reduced the amount of decorating space I had. Additionally, my mom requested that the cake not be entirely covered in icing which meant I would need to decorate a plain cake. I decided to go with a simple design, using four or five tips, three different colors of icing and a bag holder to make switching designs easy. The result was a little different from what I had originally planned, but allowed me the chance to practice dots with the rose tip (#12) and loops on the side of the cake with tip #1 and 3. For the writing I used tip #3 and for the stars I used tip #18, with a drop of white on each.

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