Champagne Pancakes with Chocolate Chips and Dried Apricots

Do you ever feel tired of the same five things you eat every week, look around your kitchen and think: “Maybe I can just make something out of the ingredients I see in front of my face?”

That was the inspiration for the dinner I made a few nights ago. I was feeling lazy, and needed to make something quickly before going out for the night. It was also cold so I wanted something warm and comforting. On the kitchen counter was a bag of dried apricots and another of chocolate chips. All of a sudden, it hit me. Pancakes. Breakfast for dinner. Simple, delicious and fast.

I grabbed an open container of Pamela’s Gluten Free Pancake Mix (there wasn’t enough time to go the homemade route that evening), and got to work. As I was mixing the batter for a single recipe of Pamela’s Pancakes, a bottle of champagne on the corner of the stove caught my eye. I was curious as to how it would taste in a pancake that also had chocolate chips and apricots, so I added only a tablespoon to test it out (Spoiler alert: It was delicious). I dropped the first round of pancake batter onto a skillet and put a few chocolate chips and some small cut pieces of dried apricots on top. The first round was yummy and light but the champage wasn’t quite coming through. On the second go, I added another tablespoon of champagne, and voilá. A perfect fluffy pancake.  There wasn’t enough champagne to overwhelm the pancake, and the apricot and chocolate chips brought out its sweetness. And it only took ten minutes to make.

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