Brunch at Zé Cafe

Yesterday morning I went with a couple of friends to Zé Cafe for brunch. It’s not often that I get to go out for brunch so when offered, I jumped at the chance.

Located on 398 East 52nd St and First Ave on the Upper East Side, Zé feels more like a close friend’s backyard patio than a full scale restaurant. Although space is limited and seating is close together, the café still maintains an open and relaxed atmosphere. A skylight in the center of the restaurant brightens the room and illuminates the light brown brick walls and flowery decór. Dining inside feels as though it’s still summer, and on a busy Sunday morning, the staff is still warm and accommodating.

Zé serves a wide varety of menu options for very reasonable prices. For brunch they have sandwiches, crab cakes and an assortment of pastries (including bomboloni, nutella croissants and brioche). They also have a few special items, including a banana and mascarpone stuffed french toast, which my friend loved. For some healthier/gluten free options, they serve eggs, soup, salad and salmon amongst other things. I had the Two Zeze Omelet with Spinach and Gruyere and was amazed at how fresh and filling it was, even made with just egg whites. It was served with a side of country fries, cooked until crisp and sauteed with finely chopped peppers and onions.

Two Zeze Spinach & Gruyere Omelet with Country Fries

I loved Zé and will definitely be back to try their regular items, but if you have a favorite brunch spot you’d like to share, please comment here. I’m always interested to hear where people like to eat! Bón Appétit!

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