Spreading (or “flooding”) the decorating love

Today was a first for me in my not-so-professional-yet decorating adventures. I spent an entire day teaching one of my friends the basics of cookie and cake decorating! Now exhausted and sore from standing and hovering for six hours (how do pastry chefs do it??) I sit down to write a post about our journey…

My friend S is a trooper. She braved the snow, the bus and two trains to get to my house from Queens. She just had to bake! (Anyone else feel that way sometimes?) We started the day making (gluten free!!) gingerbread cookies and then ended the day decorating a (full of gluten :o) cake. The cake post will follow soon, but today I will focus on our cookies.

We used a new recipe from Elizabeth Barbone’s Easy GF Baking book (yes, I know I should branch out but for right now…I’m addicted. Consider me the Julie of Julie & Julia–I will make every recipe in that book!) The dough was SUPER quick and easy to make. I let it chill overnight, and it was perfect to roll out for cutting. The recipe made a few dozen small and medium delicious cookies, but as a result of rolling the dough too thin they burnt quickly and didn’t cook very well. Note to self, thicker dough makes yummier gingerbread cookies.

Remember to outline before you flood!

Then it was onto the icing! We made a quick royal icing by hand with confectioner’s sugar, meringue powder and lukewarm water and poured it into a squeeze bottle (you can find these at any housewares store; we found ours at a wholesale restaurant appliance store in Chinatown, on a sale rack). To start we outlined the cookie using the bottle and then squeezed a healthy dollop of icing in the center to smooth out to the edges with a small spatula. This process is called flooding.

We had a great time making different designs and sprinkling different sugars. S was a natural and really liked the idea of flooding. By the end of the cookie decorating she felt way more confident and excited about new ways to decorate cookies. Yay!

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