House snowed In? Make your own!

The long-awaited blizzard of 2010 arrived in New York City yesterday, causing roads to be blocked, trains to be shut down and houses to be completely snowed in. Following the tornado and hailstorm we’ve already had, this felt like the icing on the cake and the only natural way to end the year.
While I’m not snow’s biggest fan (I already know a few people who took that spot long ago), I do love all the possibilities a snow day can bring. Sledding, building snowmen, sleeping all day. Being stuck inside the house isn’t ideal, but there is something magical about a snow day. Especially in New York City, where looking out from inside makes you feel like you’re in a Times Square snow globe.

I think the best part about winter is that nesting feeling, when all the holidays revolve around food, family and relaxation. You just feel better with a stomach full of hot cocoa and chicken soup.  I love to eat, but I love to bake and decorate even more so when the holidays come around I just can’t help myself! And on a snow day the perfect activity for me is to make some gingerbread houses!


This year we bought a two-house kit (sometimes we make our own, sometimes we use graham crackers) and invited a friend over to help us out. My friend and I designed Santa’s house while my sister and mom made Santa’s toy shop. The decorating didn’t take long, and it felt like the right activity for a cold, snowy day…using our imagination to build our own little house, despite being stuck in another.

What activities do you like to do on a snowy day?

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