The Beginning.

There are plenty of people out there like me. Food lovers dealt the difficult blow of finding out they are gluten intolerant. You think: “What?? How could this happen to me? But I love pasta so much!” After the initial shock (and the late night secret sessions with a bowl of cous cous no one is supposed to know about) wear off, it begins to make sense and you learn to live without it…without thinking of never eating gluten as a death sentence.

But, if you are also like me….you like to cheat. Now, my best friend is definitely allergic to gluten; she has Celiac. My mom and my great-uncle, as well as countless others I know, are gluten intolerant…meaning that gluten doesn’t ALWAYS hurt us and thus we can probably “cheat” from time to time. However, not only are we usually racked with illness after we eat gluten but also an incredible sense of guilt. Even though we can take the risk from time to time, it doesn’t always mean it will work out in our favor and make us feel as happy and normal as all the people out there who can eat and enjoy gluten all the time. And if we had just chosen the rice noodles over the pan-fried dumplings, maybe, *maybe* that would have been a smarter choice. Oh, the regrets!

Luckily, living gluten free and eating well can be achieved, without feeling completely deprived! I live in the most amazing city in the world where there are food options of all sorts to eat. Unfortunately, it happens to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. I love to indulge in the city’s great eats but have also come to find the joy in cooking and baking for myself, whether it’s with specified GF products or just a recipe that I can make that I know is always gluten-free without having to buy seven different flours. I come from a great line of cooks and bakers, especially my mom. None professional, just self-taught the old fashioned way. I’m glad to have been passed along this passion for good food (both healthy & not!) and hope to share my experiences as I trial and error my way through being (mainly) gluten free in NYC….Bon Appétit!

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